Natural Penis Growth: A Basic Exercise for Male Enhancement

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Self-stimulation is an important part of natural penis growth, so you should intend on starting a regular plan of stimulation. Here’s a delayed release exercise to help you maximize your results:

During each day that self-stimulation is planned, you will stimulate yourself to near orgasm and relax — then repeat.  Eventually you’ll go all the way to orgasm. Early in the program, you may find it difficult to hold off orgasm, but this will become easier as you progress. If during the early parts of the program you find it hard to hold off orgasm, don’t worry, you can reward yourself for the work performed.

The basic requirements for effective self-stimulation are ample time and paying attention to your sensation. Begin by lubricating your penis and your scrotum. Then stimulate yourself to erection.

If you’re having trouble achieving an erection, form a ring with your thumb and index finger and place your hand near the base of the penis. You can also purchase erections rings that perform this task. With the other hand, begin stroking the shaft until you reach an erection.

While performing self-stimulation, attempt to maintain your erection for at least 30 minutes without ejaculating. During this timeframe, try to bring yourself close to orgasm at least 6 times. When you get to the point of near ejaculation, stop the self-stimulation and let your body relax.

If you reach ejaculation, simply let your body rest for awhile and begin self-stimulation again. You’ll find it easier to control your orgasm the second time around.

As the number of sessions increase, challenge your body by bringing yourself closer to orgasm progressively more times during the 30-minute interval.

Once you feel yourself close to orgasm, one technique to prolong the inevitable is to stop stroking. You can also press firmly on the external prostate spot, which is located between the back of the scrotum and anus.

One final technique is scrotal pulling. Once the urge to ejaculate arises, use the scrotum to pull your testicles away from the body. Apply gradual pressure and firmly pull the scrotum down from the top of the testicles. You do not want to pull the actual testicles.

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